Rody Grey

  • Divisible with zip
  • Quilted cotton lining
  • Suitable for all Koelstra models


Thanks to the padded warm cotton on the inside of the Rody footbag, your baby is always warm! The top of the footbag is adjustable and the back has six slots for the use of the height adjustable 5-point seat belt. The Rody footbag is suitable for the Binque Daily pram, the Mambo Daily pram and the Simba T4 buggy and Simba Twin T4 duobuggy. Of course in matching colors.

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Net. weight (kg) 1,12
Length (cm) 90
Width (cm) 50
Height (cm) 5
Material (Upholstery) Outsite Polyester
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Rody voetenzak

Dankzij het gewatteerde warme katoen aan de binnenzijde van de Rody voetenzak zit je kindje er altijd warm bij.

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